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  1. Students commend us for our Akhanda YTT manual – an incredible resources on all aspects of holistic yoga including techniques, yoga philosophy, chakras, yogic lifestyle, Ayurveda and more. In addition to professional photos of each asana, our manual includes the benefits and precautions of each pose and indications on the associated chakra. The philosophy section has reflection questions helping you bring ancient wisdom to modern life. The Ashram offers food, medicine and scholarships to those in need. It also founded a rural school that offers free education to more than 250 under-served children. A percentage of your tuition goes to the Canadian charitable organization Helping Hands for India that raises funds to support the school. Yoga gives us so much – why not give back! https://akhandayoga.com/ Explore your solar and lunar sides, dive deep into the energy body and the tools that expand and guide it to break through barriers and feel your most radiant self. This 12-day intensive training course, live on Zoom, offers a profound personal and professional development opportunity. Join Yogrishi (Vishva-ji) and Yog Sundari (Julia Anastasiou) to explore the chakras and the nadis of the energy body, learn dynamic asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra and meditation to purify and expand the pranic field, as well as tools to support advanced yoga practices. You will also learn Classical Kundalini sequencing and do a teaching practicum so that upon graduation, you will be certified to teach Akhanda’s Classical Kundalini classes.

  2. Одновременно с этим существует и другая сторона формирования и организации высказывания.

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